September 24, 2009

My Harry Potter Office

My friend Thien moved recently and had converted a closet space into an office. During the planning stages for our new apartment, Jing jokingly mentioned that I should do the same. Well, it's now a reality. It's 21 sq.ft. of workspace awesomeness.

September 3, 2009

Muni Man + SF Muni Fast Pass Buttons = Happy Packaging

Finally had some time and was able to finish final packaging. I've also added some info lines on the back so folks get to know the month and year of the Fast Passes used. I don't know, this just makes me happy. Click the title link if you're interested.

September 1, 2009

SF Muni Man Is Back

This is a modified version of the envelope image we used for punkpunk02 way back in 2002. It said "READ ONE" instead. I've brought this out to use as part of the button sets. I don't even know if this guy is still riding around in some of the older Muni buses, but he used to adorn the metal pamphlet holders. Now instead of a "please," we get the command of the soulless and text only "Take One" signs. Does anyone know if these guys are still around? I used to see it most on the 22 line.

August 28, 2009

Moving, Moving

Oh, the joys of moving. Still trying to figure out where everything goes in the soon to be new home. I think the low level Cubits shelving–always only buy during DWR's warehouse sale, a kit only ends up costing about $20!–across an entire wall in the bedroom will be fantastic.

August 26, 2009

SF Muni Heads, Fast Pass Buttons Now Available Online

By popular demand, these are now on Etsy. Seems like everyone wants them now, but I'm hoping to make some cute, minimal packaging to go along with it—maybe something with punkpunk's version of the Muni Man on it.

punkpunk Toy Karma 2 Packaging

Just finished the packaging for the Toy Karma 2 show at Rotofugi in Chicago. The text says Monster Matchbox.

SF Muni Fast Pass Buttons

I've had this idea for years now, but every time I suggested we make Fast Pass buttons, Jing would always make the unsure face and that would be that. Well, as our wares were quite low in number for the recent SF Zine Fest, I decided that I would finally get a chance to test out my idea. I think the response has been quite good. I will soon be posting info on how to purchase. Can anyone catch the mistake in the photo above?

So of course I can't believe the coincidence of my timing (I always wait too long), but in the very same Golden Gate Park where Zine Fest just took place, John Kuzich's fast pass piece is currently displayed at the de Young Museum. I think I even remember seeing his ads asking for Fast Passes in laundromats. It's up till August 30th; I must check it out. Share the Fast Pass love.

August 20, 2009

punkpunk @ Rotofugi in Chicago

This is punkpunk's contribution to the Toy Karma 2 group show at Rotofugi in Chicago. The theme is art inspired by classic Japanese toys. From right to left we have: Ultraman, Garamon, Kamen Rider, Shocker, Gamera and Asagi-chan (Gamera 2 winter outfit). We're bad and still working on the packaging for these guys. They'll be available at the store on September 5th.

March 4, 2009

So Long Ewok Fire Cart

For about three to four years I've been trying to get the Ewok Family Hut (circa 1983-84) – not that they're hard to find, it's just that I'm really cheap. I first started off with wanting the Tree Tots Family Tree House (circa 1976-77, the Japanese version Koedachan is even cooler and still going strong today), but later found that this was retooled, released and crossed with another love of mine: Ewoks! Like two birds… Anyway, I'd come across a few of the other toys in this Ewoks line for preschoolers and eventually was able to get this Fire Cart set. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed. It's all about their eyes. Something about them just creeps me out, and then the grand dream was over; the search for the Family Hut was over before it started. These are pics from an eBay auction I just posted. Looking at these pics, I almost feel a little sad.

February 15, 2009


work/life_002 made its debut on February 15th, 2009 at Lark Pien's art show, I Love You A Little, at STUDIO Gallery located on Polk Street in San Francisco. As you can see, this issue features Lark Pien. You may want to pick up this first edition, as a forthcoming (hopefully in time for APE 2009) second completely reformatted edition will have all the embarrassing bits taken out!

work/life is a continuing interview zine project. Each issue focuses on a single artist or creator. Up next:
Bwana Spoons.

February 3, 2009

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out or: Rampax, the Evil Italian Robot

For the longest time, I always thought that non-missile-firing toys were the worst. At some point during my childhood suddenly all the missile launchers wouldn't fire their missiles; you could still shoot the missile, the launcher just wouldn't release it. Some dumb kid was probably to blame. Recently I stumbled across a vintage toy site from Italy looking for some Lego Scala jewelry. As shipping was gonna cost a bit anyway, I added a few extra items to my order. One of which is this super-cool Kit Robot called Rampax by an Italian company called Grisoni. I think the packaging alone is worth it.I have a feeling this toy may be haunted. I used my trusty X-ACTO Gripster knife to cut the parts off the tree. It's been quite awhile since I've cut myself, but then, slice, off comes a tiny piece of a knuckle off the middle finger of my left hand.
Rampax's abuse didn't stop there though. It has two missile-firing arms: the right uses a simple hook mechanism; and the left arm uses a more complex swivel motion to fire. After I put it together, as I am oft to do when displaying toys, I put its arms in the air, forgetting about the left arm's harpoon like missile's firing mechansim. It hit only about 1/8" below my right eye. I've since removed the springs.Just look at this face on its chest. Rampax is angry. It wants to take your eyes.