March 4, 2009

So Long Ewok Fire Cart

For about three to four years I've been trying to get the Ewok Family Hut (circa 1983-84) – not that they're hard to find, it's just that I'm really cheap. I first started off with wanting the Tree Tots Family Tree House (circa 1976-77, the Japanese version Koedachan is even cooler and still going strong today), but later found that this was retooled, released and crossed with another love of mine: Ewoks! Like two birds… Anyway, I'd come across a few of the other toys in this Ewoks line for preschoolers and eventually was able to get this Fire Cart set. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed. It's all about their eyes. Something about them just creeps me out, and then the grand dream was over; the search for the Family Hut was over before it started. These are pics from an eBay auction I just posted. Looking at these pics, I almost feel a little sad.