August 28, 2009

Moving, Moving

Oh, the joys of moving. Still trying to figure out where everything goes in the soon to be new home. I think the low level Cubits shelving–always only buy during DWR's warehouse sale, a kit only ends up costing about $20!–across an entire wall in the bedroom will be fantastic.

August 26, 2009

SF Muni Heads, Fast Pass Buttons Now Available Online

By popular demand, these are now on Etsy. Seems like everyone wants them now, but I'm hoping to make some cute, minimal packaging to go along with it—maybe something with punkpunk's version of the Muni Man on it.

punkpunk Toy Karma 2 Packaging

Just finished the packaging for the Toy Karma 2 show at Rotofugi in Chicago. The text says Monster Matchbox.

SF Muni Fast Pass Buttons

I've had this idea for years now, but every time I suggested we make Fast Pass buttons, Jing would always make the unsure face and that would be that. Well, as our wares were quite low in number for the recent SF Zine Fest, I decided that I would finally get a chance to test out my idea. I think the response has been quite good. I will soon be posting info on how to purchase. Can anyone catch the mistake in the photo above?

So of course I can't believe the coincidence of my timing (I always wait too long), but in the very same Golden Gate Park where Zine Fest just took place, John Kuzich's fast pass piece is currently displayed at the de Young Museum. I think I even remember seeing his ads asking for Fast Passes in laundromats. It's up till August 30th; I must check it out. Share the Fast Pass love.

August 20, 2009

punkpunk @ Rotofugi in Chicago

This is punkpunk's contribution to the Toy Karma 2 group show at Rotofugi in Chicago. The theme is art inspired by classic Japanese toys. From right to left we have: Ultraman, Garamon, Kamen Rider, Shocker, Gamera and Asagi-chan (Gamera 2 winter outfit). We're bad and still working on the packaging for these guys. They'll be available at the store on September 5th.